Kath Wright

Kath Wright’s interest in Art and Design dates from school days when her favourite subject was Communication, Design and Technology. After studying Graphic Design at Leeds College of Art and Design, Kath worked for three advertising agencies and then for several years as Graphics Designer and Studio Manager for an Exhibitions company. Kath has been self-employed for twenty years and has worked with a wide range of clients, providing graphic design, website design, e-marketing and social media services.

Kath’s personal life experiences and informed sensitivity to the subtle power of colours have led her to study Colour Therapy. Life experiences make positive and negative impressions on each of us, and the latter may well manifest at some point in our lives as dis-ease. The deliberate selection and presentation of colour in different ways can counteract negativity, and heightened consciousness can benefit our emotional, mental and physical health.

Kath has created Colouricity®, a brand which includes products and workshop experiences that harness the power of colour to aid self-care, inspire creativity, increase energy, help manage emotions and improve mood, shape our environment and improve general wellbeing.

Kath is also currently working on a collection of paintings and her Symbolista® product range.